Alessia Olivari print designer for fashion and packaging industry
Alessia Olivari is a print designer working for packaging and fashion market based in Italy.
print designer, freelance designer, fashion designer, pattern designer, textile design, packaging design,
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Ciao, I am Alessia

I am an Italian designer and illustrator.
I design prints for both fashion and packaging industry.
My works feature a lot of details, clean lines and a feminine touch.

Pasta for One

My personal project Pasta for One was published on Elle Decor Italia, The Dieline, IdN, Valrhona trendbook 2013 and many more.

365 Patterns

I have drawn a pattern a day for all 2015. Two years later, my obsession for patterns turned into a limited edition of clutch bags and custom notebooks.

Saint Ola

I have designed unique prints for 2016 and 2017 collections.

Rebel’s Microbrewery

Parrots, flowers and leaves for the most Tropical Night ever seen in Rome