About Alessia Olivari. Education, Experience and more
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Ciao! My name is Alessia. I’m a designer and late night guitar player.
I like avocados, music that gives me goose bumps, and that film with Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley playing the guitar.
I help people from all over the world making their dreams come true. I like to create those kind of designs you fall in love with at first sight.

When it comes to design, I always look for a balance between my two design hearts: my minimal heart tells me to keep it simple, while my detail-oriented heart tells me to keep on adding details.
The result is the perfect combination between these two, and even though the process can be very hard, it’s always worth it.

You probably know me for my personal project Pasta for One, that introduced me to the amazing world of patterns. It was published on Elle Decor Italia, Monsa Illustrated Packaging book, IdN v24n1 and The Dieline to name a few.

I never knew I would be a graphic designer. I always loved drawing but the truth is that when I was a child I wanted to be a rockstar.
Years later, after meeting my true mentors and having fun in front of the computer until 4am, I understood I would be really lucky to make a career out of design.
…But I still play the guitar and secretly record videos of myself playing now and then.

At the moment, my favorite projects include pattern works for both packaging and fashion industry.
I am actually working in Roma, but I have lived and worked also abroad. I love to travel and see how traveling influences my work.
Most of my clients now are abroad so I am happy to say I have developed a personal visual language strong enough to speak to different cultures.

I am now available for projects and commissions.
If it sound like I might be the perfect pick for your project, feel free to drop me a line.
If you’re feeling shy instead, you can follow me, what I do and what I listen to on my Facebook and Instagram account.