Ciao! My name is Alessia. I am an Italian designer with an obsession for patterns.
I was born in Rome where I am still based and work for clients worldwide.
With time, I have developed a personal visual language strong enough to speak to different cultures.
As a designer, I try to deliver simple ideas with a sense of uniqueness and high technical precision.

Being creative to me is more a life choice than a career choice. I found happiness and fulfillment in my job and helping others to bring their visions to life is the best mission.

You probably know me for my personal project Pasta for One, that introduced me to the amazing world of patterns. It was published on Elle Decor Italia, Monsa Illustrated Packaging book, IdN v24n1 and The Dieline to name a few.

When I am not sketching or working at some new secret pieces, you will find me playing my guitar or reading creepy books.

I am currently available for projects and commissions.
If it sound like I might be the perfect pick for your project, feel free to drop me a line.
If you’re feeling shy instead, you can follow me, what I do and what I listen to on my Facebook and Instagram account.