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I just received this lovely SaintOla blazer that was designed by yours truly. I am so thrilled because this blazer was a key piece of SaintOla collection and I am so happy of how it turned out. The only thing that worries me is that the weather is so hot in Rome to wear it now. I guess I will have to wait a while, or maybe travel to a colder place to wear it :)

After finishing 365 patterns, I was left with a lot of different designs. So I was wondering of what I could do with them, and I starting drawing some letters. These are my first letters, soon they will be available to purchase on my Etsy shop,...

I am currently obsessed with Gifs and my playing Fox is an example :) I love the feeling of giving life to something simply drawing, it's amazing! I wish I could learn a little bit more about animation, but hopefully I will be improving with time. In the meantime,...