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    This is a travel illustration called Home is where your shell is.
    Lately I have been wondering a lot about Read More


    Hello everyone!
    I have been working a lot on new prints lately and this jungle print is one of my favorites until now.
    So I thought of popping it up a little bit and make a wallpaper out of it. Read More


    I just received this lovely SaintOla blazer that was designed by yours truly.
    I am so thrilled because this blazer was a key piece of SaintOla collection and I am so happy of how it turned out.
    The only thing that worries me is that the weather is so hot in Rome to wear it now. I guess I will have to wait a while, or maybe travel to a colder place to wear it :)
    Read More



    One of the best parts of my job is receiving mail.
    For example, when you work on something for months, and then, one fine day, the postman knocks on your door and you see the result of your work.
    This time it was even better.
    My Pasta for One project was featured on their Illustrated packaging book together with other amazing creatives around the world, and among these there’s also Horse Studio, one of my favorite design agencies in Europe at the moment.
    Also! On the cover there’s an illustration by Brett Ryder, amazing artist I would love to work with someday.

    Thanks again to Carolina for having me! You can purchase your copy of Monsa Illustrated packaging book here

    See you soon :)

    letteraa Alessia-Olivari---samples
    After finishing 365 patterns, I was left with a lot of different designs.
    So I was wondering of what I could do with them, and I starting drawing some letters.
    These are my first letters, soon they will be available to purchase on my Etsy shop, I will keep you all posted :)

    I am currently obsessed with Gifs and my playing Fox is an example :)
    I love the feeling of giving life to something simply drawing, it’s amazing!
    I wish I could learn a little bit more about animation, but hopefully I will be improving with time.
    In the meantime, I hope you enjoy!

    Hello everyone!
    Remember my Hybrid series? It’s probably one of my personal projects people appreciate the most.
    I have been working hard lately in order to find perfect materials and suppliers and now I am happy to announce my Hybrid series is finally available on my Etsy shop with more goods to come soon!
    If you can’t make up your mind on which is your favorite piece, don’t worry, I have reserved special prices on the full series.

    There, you will also find my Hydrangeas notebooks and more pattern prints are on their way as well!

    See you on Etsy!


    365 is my resolution for 2015. I am drawing a pattern everyday for all 2015.
    With the passing of months, I have experimented different supports for printing my patterns, but paper is always my favorite.

    So, at the end of November a limited series of 365 patterns notebooks with my Hydrangeas pattern from November 7th will be printed and available to purchase.
    Only a small amount of pieces is available so if you want to make sure to get one of these send me an email for details and info :)

    © Alessia Olivari 2015