Coping with the Pandemic as a Creative Mind

Coping with the Pandemic as a Creative Mind

Fact: I don’t like the word ”creative”; I never did.

For the same reason, I don’t like the idea of being a creative mind, but that’s one of the most common definitions people like to give me.

It’s still hard to believe that we are all going through a world pandemic but so it is. It started out almost in a fun way: more cooking inside, online teaching, working in loungewear, food delivery, exercising at home…We thought it would be cool for a couple weeks. But then weeks went by and it soon became clear that we wouldn’t get out of it so soon.
I don’t know about you but I am always looking for inspiration; books, movies, new music, art exhibitions are the sparks I look for.

In a few days I saw how Italy was facing one of the worst scenarios in Europe. Friends were texting me from all over the world to make sure I was safe and we saw our habits change from day to night due to one of the most strict lockdown policies in Europe. We got used to wear masks, to queue outside the supermarket, to stay inside. And soon, much inspiration just stopped flowing. And not only that; I was lacking the motivation to start even one of those books I had been wanting to read for ages, not even movies; just nostalgia for past normal days and frustration due to the impossibility to get out of this little hole I was digging for myself.

I wish I found more support about this on design blogs or websites but that was not the case. I started freaking out very soon and I was hoping someone could tell me it was ok, or normal at least. Spending time away from my loved ones was tough but I was lucky enough to manage to build the strength to grow stronger. I wasn’t able to work at my best in such situation and after a few months I had to quit everything that was making me sick. I left the only stabilities I knew: house, jobs, and I said goodbye to some future plans as well. But day after day, this uncertainty allowed me to focus on my beliefs and practicing them with commitment. And I swear that for how selfish and stupid it can be, that’s the best advice I can give to anybody struggling to find inspiration in such an unstable scenario. Start small, take a little walk, look at the sky, and try to do at least one small thing for yourself everyday. What I found out is that after a while, uncertainty makes each day really unique; it opens the doors for new (and maybe impulsive) beginnings. But hey, reinventing ourselves everyday from scratch can be fun as well, let me tell you.

I was never really able to plan my work/personal life too much so I ended out discovering that I am pretty good in improvisation.

So I’m here today to tell you, after years of silence on this little blog, that it’s okay to be scared of the future in times like this. It’s okay as soon as the fear gives you the strength to go on and for the better.

Take care <3

PS: I put together some calm song in a small playlist I called No Signal. You can give it a listen here