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    Hybrids are a series of digital illustrations.
    The idea for this series came to me when read a saying by Italian novelist Giovanni Verga. In his book ”I Malavoglia”, he said: “He whose heart is  happy sings always”. This is how my first hybrid, The singing Heart, was born.
    After that, I kept experimenting with this approach mixing objects from everyday life with others that have a deeper and symbolic meaning. What I am trying to do with this project is bringing people to take a closer look to everyday objects.
    The result are evocative images that bring to reflection like poetry but in a visual way.
    The technique I used for these illustrations reflects the concept. Colors blend together like the two objects I chose.

    My Hybrids digital illustrations series is also available to buy on my Etsy shop as fine A3 prints.
    Don't forget to check out!

    © Alessia Olivari 2015