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    Project olio is a concept project for Olive Oil packaging design.
    It was born by a collaboration with amazing 3d illustrator Vincent Del Jesus. We developed an olive oil packaging that exalts the beauty of raw materials with just a small design intervention. Vincent images were so impressive by the beginning that a small touch was enough to make them effective.
    We worked on both bottles and cans, trying to develop a visual language that could work on both supports.
    The idea of leaving materials as raw as possible is strictly linked to the quality of the content. This olive oil would ideally be an expensive product. This is the reason why it wouldn’t need any extra decoration elements that would only bring confusion to the whole design.
    The only design intervention consists of a white crown of olive tree branches.
    The result is a clean, elegant and expensive-looking packaging.

    Check out Vincent’s website  for more information about our olive oil packaging design project.
    Don't forget to check out!

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