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    Romanes Wheelchair Rugby is the first Wheelchair Rugby team in Rome.
    I have designed their new identity as designer at Fermenti.

    The idea behind the logo was to give a sense of power and strength. Wheelchair Rugby in fact, even if it’s a paralympic game, is a great impact discipline that involves also spectacular crashes.

    All paralympic sport teams include in their logo the image of the wheelchair, so it was an element that needed to be included. But it was more important for me to show people the strength of this team and their players. So I decided to draw something that could hide a double meaning.
    The animal that represents the city of Rome is the wolf. So I decided to draw a wolf that hides the profiles of two wheelchair rugby players one in front of the other.
    What I wanted to say with this design was that union makes strength. It’s a design made of different elements so it can only work if they are all combined together. And so is a sport team, where all players focus their energy to reach great results.

    There is no I in team so we wanted to emphasize this idea through business cards. The logo is not full shown on every card. Instead, every player has its own piece of the logo and if put together, they show the logo in its wholeness.

    Fermenti has also designed Romanes Wheelchair Rugby website that is online at

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