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    One of the most interesting projects I have worked on at Fermenti is Scherzo wine packaging and identity.
    Scherzo 2015 is a red wine produced by Tuscan winery Terra Quercus.
    I have worked on the identity and packaging for this wine as designer for Fermenti.

    The name Scherzo (which means joke in Italian) was a dangerous choice for a new wine.
    Italian wine industry is quite conservative and a name that is not considered serious is associated to low quality.
    The choice Scherzo is due to the fact that this particular wine has a very fruity flavour that recalls a music inside the mouth. Scherzo is also a musical movement that replaces the minuet as the third movement in a four-movement musical work.

    I was very happy to work on this project because I am familiar with music transcription and it was challenging for me to find a new way to represent music.

    We decided to keep it simple so that people could understand immediately the word Scherzo was referring to the musical movement, not to the joke.
    I have played with a serif font and drew these sort of round serifs, in order to recall musical notes.
    In a second phase, we decided to turn the serifs gold, so that they looked more as musical notes.
    At last, we added a transparent pentagram to give a rough idea of the whole concept.

    The result is both clear and descriptive. Scherzo wine packaging has an expensive look that gives the idea of quality and the graphic elements help understand the concept.

    If you want to find out more about Scherzo or Terra Quercus feel free to visit their webiste.

    Don't forget to check out!

    © Alessia Olivari 2015