365 Patterns

About This Project

In 2015 I started a personal project called 365 Patterns. I did this because I was looking for inspiration and I wanted to train myself on always having new ideas. I have been keen on patterns since I was at university and I wanted to learn more about them. The world of patterns was completely new for me at the time but by the end of the year I felt more confident and also gained some of my freelance commissions as textile designer.
This experience was quite challenging for me. Thinking of a new idea everyday is not as simple as it may seem.
My favorite subjects include natural elements such as flowers and animals, but I also enjoy geometric elements.
I grabbed inspiration from everywhere: people I met on the streets, paves or buildings in Rome, or my travels. This experience kept up my creativity for all 2015, but it was never easy. Can you imagine having to draw when you come back home late? Or when you’re feeling sick? There were some times when I wanted to give up, but I am proud of myself for reaching my final goal of 365 patterns.
With all these designs left, I thought of a nice way to use them. I made a small series of custom notebooks. Clients asked me to add their names or add a personal thought and I was happy to do this because I had never even thought about it.
I also chose one design to make a limited edition of clutch bags.

You can check out the full project here.