Geometry Obsession

About This Project

When it comes to clothing, I have an obsession for geometry prints. But if I had to choose a favorite drawing subject for a print, probably geometry wouldn’t be one of these. I guess that this is because I like drawing and I need to represent subjects that surround me.
Geometry is more an obsession for me. I always look for symmetry, balance between shapes and colors. It’s not as easy as it may seem. In these cases what really helps me are all those hours I spend studying technical drawing at university. That is what thought me really a lot about composition and shapes. This is also how I became obsessed with tiny details. It seems I can’t leave my artboard as long as I can think of something to add. That’s actually weird because I love minimalism but I think that details in this case really made a huge difference. The idea for this series of print came to me starting from a single square. I simply started to add elements piece after piece until I had my very first design. I chose something less complicated for the other two designs. The colors I chose are all quite soft and they come from some pictures I saw ages ago of the Chouara Tannery In The Medina Of Fez, Morocco. It’s a grid of stone wells, each filled with a colored liquid, used to tan leathers. The view from above is magical and it inspired me for these pieces.