About This Project

Craft beer is a real trend in Rome at the moment. Small breweries are popping out everywhere and people are becoming more aware of what they’re drinking.
People’s tastes are becoming always more specific and these new breweries are making new recipes that make their beers really special and like no other.
It’s nice to support local brewers, meet them, see how they make beer and drink local products.
Rebel’s brewery is one of these super young realities. They have a lovely house surrounded by a green area where they organize great parties with music, food and beer of course.
They asked me to design some fun elements to add a personal touch to their parties and one of my favorites are the stickers I made for their Tropical Night party.
They feature some colorful parrots and a tropical landscape.
Rebel’s used my stickers as a background for their photo set and the great thing was that people were attaching them everywhere! They had them on glasses, on their shirts, on their bags. It was so exciting for me to find out how people have been able to interpret my sticker in a personal way and it’s still good to see them around Rome.