The greatest satisfaction for me is to see my prints on finished products.
I am now offering a small selection of ready-to-use, high quality patterns. This initiates an ideal opportunity to provide unique designs, even for quick collaborations. You will find both commercial and exclusive prints,
perfect for eye-catching illustrated products.
I also offer additional services such as size adjustment, colour editing or even personalised designs upon request.
Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested.



Poppies, daisies, dandelions and violets mix together as a climaxing conversation of frivolous strings. It’s all about the fusion of nature and art in this colourful design. Nature can be joyfully overwhelming and you might experience it while daydreaming over the irregular composition of wildflowers.
This design is available in a day and a night version.

PSD layered file



Sensual shapes, subtle tonal contrasts and high level of detail, these snakes will add a sexy touch to any product. From a rich colour palette to an intense evocative contrast, these two designs illustrate the endless seductive possibilities of winding reptiles.
Two colour variations available: pink and coral hues for a softer effect, darker tones for big impact.

PSD layered file



Nature can be spectacularly refined. These vivid hydrangeas – in soft shades of eggshell and pink – depict its essence to the fullest. Whereas the burgundy version plays with similar hues, its olive sister exalts different shades out of her core.

PSD layered file



Hear both the staccato and legato rhythms in a divergent interplay with bright horns and mellow woodwinds. This perceptive musical piece contains solely complementing lines and colours for a staggering effect.

PSD layered file



Timeless elegance and intricate lines merge here to represent perfect imperfection. Celebrate spring evenings with this powerful yet playful daisy print.

PSD layered file

Vector Spring flowers


Here you find a collection of thoughtfully selected vector prints. These designs include playful shapes in soft tones against a contrasting background.

4 colors vector file

8 colors vector file

4 colors vector file