Home is where your shell is

This is a travel illustration called Home is where your shell is.
Lately I have been wondering a lot about how traveling influences our lives and our personal baggage.
A lot of my friends have found work and fortune abroad and I always thought about it too.
The problem is I’m in love with Roma and also I probably haven’t got such a great opportunity that was worth leaving my city.
But I often travel for my personal pleasure, I like to visit new cities, take planes, and visit all those people I can’t see so often.

With time, I also discovered that in end it takes nothing to feel at home, you only need to find a corner to call your own, where you feel comfortable and are free to be yourself.
So I keep telling myself that when someone leaves, some things will always be the same, no matter the distance, no matter time.

Because in the end we all have a shell we carry around all the time, full of our personality, of our personal baggage, of our relationships and experience.
And maybe, as long as we have those with us, home can be anywhere.