Xetsah SaintOla blazer with prints by Alessia Olivari
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Xetsah SaintOla Blazer


Xetsah SaintOla Blazer

I just received this lovely SaintOla blazer that was designed by yours truly.
I am so thrilled because this blazer was a key piece of SaintOla collection and I am so happy of how it turned out.
The only thing that worries me is that the weather is so hot in Rome to wear it now. I guess I will have to wait a while, or maybe travel to a colder place to wear it :)

Working as freelance sometimes is weird because you don’t always get the chance to see how your work turns out and eventhough your client is happy it could be nice to see reactions of people.
You can even lose the idea of working on something that one day will be real, as timing is quite slow sometimes and it takes time to find the best way to transform something you see only on your screen for ages into something real.
But it’s a great feeling when you have the chance to see with your eyes the results of your work. I started working with Jummy on this project in September and now, nine months later, I can finally see with my eyes and touch with my hands something I have worked on so hard. And let me say it: the wholw collection is inspired and unique, and this Xetsah SaintOla Blazer is truly fantastic-just as I thought it would turn out.

You can shop this and other amazing pieces by SaintOla here. Happy shopping!